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Santa's Helpers Page

Thank you for deciding to be a Santa's helper. Please read all of the information on this page first, before you do anything else.

As kids come to the Santaville Website , they can write a letter to Santa. All of those letters will go to Donna at Donna will then forward the letters on to all of you. Please read the following information:

When you respond to a letter from a child, remember you are Santa Claus. You need to write the letter back to the child as if you are really Santa Claus writing back. Try to answer any questions the child may have as best that you can. Never promise a child anything! You can let the child know you will try to get them what they want, but you can't promise anything. Feel free to talk about Rudolph and the reindeers, the weather at the North Pole and what you are doing to prepare for your big journey on Christmas Eve. Even if a child just sends you a list of things they want for Christmas, write back to them and tell them about the NorthPole.

Here is an example of how Santa may respond to a letter from a child.
"Thank you for writing to me. I enjoyed your letter. I know you have been a good boy this year and I'm glad that you are being nice to your sister. I will do my best to get you what you want for Christmas. We are all very busy here at the NorthPole. The elves are busy making new toys in the workshop and the reindeer are practicing their flying skills. Thank you for leaving me and the reindeer some cookies and milk. We get very hungry and thirsty on our long journey. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Love, Santa"
Feel free to use and modify this example when responding to your letters.

If you ever get stuck on how to respond to a child, feel free to e-mail me at

The next step is to get your own "santa e-mail address". Please read these directions before you get your e-mail account - we had a lot of problems with this last year.

The easiest way to do this is to use one of your secondary user names on Webtv. You need to go into the Primary users account to add an additional user. When you are signing up for an additional user account, do not use your real name because it will show up on your out-going email messages as your real name. Either leave it blank or use a "santa name". You will have to be creative when trying to find a new user name. Try names like "mrsantaclaus" or "mrclaus2000" or "misterclaus".

We had a lot of problems with people using free email accounts last year. I've been doing some testing this week and the only email provider that is working consistently with Webtv is Yahoo. Go to Yahoo and click on "mail". Sign up for a free email account. Even if you already have an email account at Yahoo, sign up for a seperate one. I checked with Yahoo and you can sign up for as many individual email accounts that you want to. When you are signing up, feel free to use your real name. Once your new account is set up, go to your account and click on "options". They have a preference section on what name you want attached to all out-going email. Erase your real name and either leave it blank or enter "Santa". Again, you will have to be creative picking out a user name.

Once you have your own "santa e-mail address", e-mail either me (Libby) or Donna, using your santa e-mail address. Once we see that your santa e-mail address is working properly, we will subscribe you to the Santa's Announcements mailing list. The mailing list is used to communicate with all of the helpers and Donna will use the Santa e-mail addresses from the mailing list to forward you the letters from the kids.

Once you get a forwarded letter from Donna, do not hit your reply button to answer the child's letter. Copy the child's e-mail address and respond to them with a new message.

Finally, please help us promote Santaville. You can create your own banners to advertise the site, or link to the Santaville banners on the Banner Page

Thank you very much for helping out!! And a big thanks to Donna!! Feel free to e-mail either me or Donna if you have any questions.

Libby Sinclair